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Precision Welding and Metal Fabrication

Welding Services Atlanta GAFussell offers a broad line of precision pulse welders, arc welders, wire feed welders and more to ensure that our customers have the very best joining solution when it comes to achieving spec for their value-added metal fabrication needs.

Heliarc Welding StationsFussell Manufacturing consistently offers the latest in computerized metal fabrication equipment designed to offer our customers cost-efficiency, superb quality and fast delivery for both low and high-volume contract manufacturing orders.

Programmable Welder

  • 1 Miller Pulse M.I.G. Programmable welder

Heliarc Welder

  • 2 Miller 500 syncrowave heliarc welders w/pulse option
  • 3 Miller 330 amp heliarc welders (TIG)
  • 3 Miller 350P; TIG welders
  • 1 Miller Dynasty 280 0X; TIG welder
  • 1 Lincoln Aspect 375; TIG welder

Wire Feed Welder

  • 5 Miller 300 amp wire feed welders (MIG)

Spot Welder

  • 1 Acme, 25 KVA resistance spot welder
  • 1 Standard, 100 KVA resistance spot welder
  • 1 Standard 100 KVA, press style, resistance spot welder
  • 1 Standard 100 KVA, rocker style, resistance spot welder

Stud Welder

  • 1 Nelson CD100 stud welder

Gas Cutting

  • 1 Gas cutting outfit

Plasma Cutter

  • 1 Miller 750 amp plasma cutter

Wire Feeder

  • 3 Miller S-54E constant speed wire feeders 2 Cobra
    push pull wire feeders

Welding Tables

  • Siegmund System 16; 4' x 8' welding tables