Powder Coat Finishing

Fussell offers the full spectrum of step-by-step applications for precision powder coating and finishing processes, ensuring that our customers have the smoothest and cleanest possible finishes when it comes to achieving spec for their value-added metal fabrication needs.

Fussell Manufacturing consistently offers the latest in computerized metal fabrication equipment designed to offer our customers cost-efficiency, superb quality and fast delivery for both low and high-volume contract manufacturing orders.

Powder Coating

  • 1 Powder Spray Technologies batch oven 3 million btu 10 air changes per minute, with window dimensions 24'x 15'x 6' clear through, with double doors
  • 1 Booth 18'x 15'x 8' for powder
  • 1 Freemont spray wash cleaning system
  • 1 5 stage dip tank system with conversion coating pre-paint
  • 1 5,000 sq. ft. isolated air balanced area

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