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Hydraulic, Multi-Axis, and Mechanical Forming Press

Fussell offers your choice of hydraulic, multi-axis and mechanical press brakes and sheet rollers designed to provide our customers continuous production and and consistent accuracy for their value-added metal fabrication needs.

Fussell Manufacturing consistently offers the latest in computerized metal fabrication equipment designed to offer our customers cost-efficiency, superb quality and fast delivery for both low and high-volume contract manufacturing orders.

Multi-Axis Press Brake

  • 2 Amada FBD 8' 100 ton F control multi (8) axis press brake with P.C. program storage and retrieval

Hydraulic Press Brake

  • 1 Amada RG-80, 8' 80 ton, hydraulic press brake with Amada NC 9-EX 4-Axis back gauging system

Mechanical Press Brake

  • 1 Chicago (Dreis and Krump), 12' 150 ton, mechanical press brake with Hurco programmable back gauging system

Sheet Roller

  • 2 Pexto 4' mechanical sheet rollers

Fastener Presses

  • 1 Haeger Fastener Press with automatic fee model HP6C
  • 1 PEMserter, captive fastener press with automatic feeding system

Cold Forming Press Brakes